Virtual Drum Studio Masterclass


This Virtual Masterclass is divided into 2 parts, and wants to represent a neutral, fresh and objective reference point regarding drums and their recording.

Just like the on site version, this course takes place at Marzi Recording Studio, in Riccione. It has a large room with excellent acoustics, to best reflect the natural sound of the instruments.
We will take a journey through the sounds of your favorite records and discover the drums and snares that made the history of modern music.

We’ll take a close look at every kind of material (maple, mahogany, birch, special woods, brass, bronze, aluminum, etc.. ) and any type of construction (plywood, steam bent, stave, spun, cast, welded, etc..) You will learn about the details and history of the 40 snare drums and the 10 kits on site, and you will understand how the classic constructions are repurposed by the new brands.
This will give you an excellent starting point for choosing your new instrument.

We recorded our sample files trying to capture the sound you would hear if you were physically in front of the instrument, preferring the use of “over heads” microphones and “room mics” to the unrealistic sound of the “close mics” (microphones near each drum).
In our sound files the “close mics” are still present but used exclusively to balance the presence of the instrument.

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Drums specs and sound : 2.45 h

With this course you’ll be able to:
choose the instrument that best represents you and choose the right set-up for every occasion.