Drum studio masterclass

History and sound from the 20’s to today, all types of materials and constructions, sound files professionally recorded in a real recording studio. Basic recording techniques with 1, 2 or 4 microphones.




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If you want to know more about drum sound and explore all the different types of manufacturing, the “Drum Studio Masterclass” will answer your questions.

Imagine if you knew how any drum works, you could immediately go straight to the set-up that suits your needs.

What if you had access to all the features and secrets of every single instrument in the hundreds of records you listened to? Knowing all of that, you could choose the ideal snare for your situation, and with the right set-up, you’ll obtain the perfect sound for your gig, whether your set takes place in a pub, a small club, an open venue or in the studio.

Now you’re able to do targeted purchases, without having to waste your time trying to resell yet another kit you aren’t satisfied with. Let alone all the money…

So, why don’t you dedicate your precious time doing nothing but the one thing that makes you happiest?

These days, this is the most frequently asked question:

In today’s crowded market of brands and models, which is the right choice for me?

The information you can find on the internet comes from opinions based on preferences and experiences closely tied to the personal sphere, or you can find “crafted” descriptions, written with the sole purpose of making you buy that specific product. Let’s say it… you’ll find the word “versatile” on any description introducing a new drum. Not to mention the now extremely popular “video tests” you can find on social networks and YouTube, which in 99% of cases are recorded in an amateur way and they are very often processed. Their purpose is not to help you choose, but to gain a new follower. All of this, combined with a market full of products, is very confusing. You find yourself without any reference point, unable to understand the real instrument’s sound. Every room will influence your drums in a different way: whether it’s a rehearsal room, your practice room, a club or a small venue. You tried your friend’s snare in his practice room, it was love at first sight. You bought that same drum but the sound is far away from the one you heard that day.

This happens in most cases. That one “safe purchase” you were so confident about turns out to be a drum that doesn’t meet your needs.


You tried that snare for a few minutes in a certain environment. That kind of purchase is caused by the euphoria you had when you tried the drum in that room, that’s because every environment influences the sound of a drum in a different way.

In this course we’re providing you, other than every information about construction, real sound files for you to understand how the drums really sound. Our sample tests have been tracked in a real recording studio: a room built specifically to have no influence on “boomy” low frequencies or “harsh” high ends.

We want to give you a raw, neutral starting point, from which you can evaluate every drum and every kind of setup without any mixing or processed effects.

This Masterclass’ goal is to make the musician more aware of the instrument and to shed more light on the tons of results you can achieve mixing up its characteristics. The image of the drum is in some ways still linked to an ancestral and primordial vision but, thanks to the innovators of the twentieth century, it has undergone an extraordinary evolutionary process, becoming an instrument with multiple facets and sounds, just like a guitar or a saxophone.