I started playing in 1993, then I attended the Music Institute of San Marino for six years, focusing on the modern drums after studying the classical percussions as timpani, marimba, vibraphone and xylophone.

In 2008, after playing in a couple rock and metal local bands, I joined the “Not 4 wedding” punk rock band. We played as openers for some bigger bands like Deep Purple, Good Charlotte, Frankie Hi-NRG, Meganoidi and Skiantos.

In 2010 I had the chance to study with Steve Pearson, an American coach who taught me new methods and learning completely different processes from those I learned in Italian schools.

That same year, together with other musicians, I founded a Swing band. This experience broke new grounds in different areas, such as my music and sonic vocabulary and it introduced me to the vintage world.

In 2015 I founded “Blink ‘99”, I really had no time for original projects at the time but it was a fun occasion both for me and the public to enjoy some Blink 182’s music together.
It’s a really good chance to test new tunings and equipment too.

In 2019 I attended the “Level Up Tour”, a clinic with Dave Elich, Chris Coleman and Federico Paulovich. They gave me new unexpected perspectives regarding posture and timing.

Thanks to my close collaboration with Marzi Recordoing Studio, I had the chance to research every aspect about drum recording, I even built a little studio with high quality mics and analog preamps, I can even bring the equipment with me for recording session if needed.